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Below is a list of career opportunities at Great Western Railway Ltd. If there are no positions available that currently suit you, please feel free to submit your resume to

Located in our Shaunavon, SK. office, Great Western Railway Ltd. is seeking an Administrative Assistant to join administrative staff in our short-line railway environment. Competitive wages; Flexible hours up to 40 hours per week.
The successful applicant must display strong computer literacy, and especially with Microsoft Office Word and Excel. Knowledge and experience in Sage Simply Accounting would be a strong asset.
Required Skills and Abilities:
- Must be detail oriented, have strong written and verbal communication skills and the desire to continuously learn with the ability to work independently or in a team environment
- Excellent organizational and communication skills
- Successful applicant must be able to multitask and be accurate with detailed work and deadlines.
Training in specific requirements for Railway Management software will be provided; however strong capacity for logical thinking and problem solving will be required. This position will include:
- developing, maintaining & troubleshooting the Railway Management software database
- providing application support and technical assistance to company employees
- working with custom reports and data extracts
- keeping customer data orderly and updated
- Diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve software and technical issues
Please apply by resume complete with details and references by email or fax only to:
Pat Zult
Manager of Finance and Administration
Great Western Railway Ltd.
FAX (306) 297-2508; EMAIL:

Conductor ( with locomotive engineer qualification preferred )
As a member of the train crew, our Conductor travels to various locations with the train, ensuring the safe and efficient movement and arrival of rail traffic to destinations along the GWR system and to interchange.

When working as a Conductor duties entail but are not limited to:

-Compliance with all Safety Rules, Procedures, and Regulations.
-Oversee safe movement of trains.
-Switching cars.
-Making or splitting up trains in yards.
-Moving cars between yards, sidings or other tracks.
-Conduct train inspections.
-Operate switches, coupling cars.
-Giving and receiving signals.
-Completing all paperwork as required.

When working as an Engineer, duties entail but are not limited to: .
-Compliance with all Safety Rules, Procedures, and Regulations.
-Operates diesel-electric locomotive; Interprets train orders, train signals and railroad rules and regulations to
transport GWR trains in a safe manner.
-Inspects locomotive for operational readiness by making Transport Canada and Company required checks and
-Receives and reports train consist information which provides the physical make-up of train and includes weights,
lengths, location of loads and empties, and cars requiring special handling.
-Applies knowledge of territory, including terrain, grades, curves, and grade crossings, in order to give prescribed
warning signals and to otherwise operate the train in a safe manner.
-Complies with all company procedures with respect to fuel management
-Diagnose mechanical issues and performs minor maintenance and servicing activities when maintenance
personnel are not available.
-Confers with conductor or supervisors to give or receive information and to give instructions concerning stops,
delays or other information
-Notifies proper authorities and prepares reports to explain accidents, unscheduled stops or delays
-Must be able to work various locations on the GWR system
-Completing all paperwork as required.

Must be available for any and all shifts including evenings and weekends.

This job involves outdoor work in all weather conditions.

This position will be based in Assiniboia, Saskatchewan. Basic computer skills is an asset

Great Western Railway offers competitive wage and benefits.

Required Education, Skills and Qualifications
-Minimum 3 years experience as a qualified full-time Conductor is required for this position.
-Qualification as a locomotive engineer is preferred as well

Please apply no later than September 30, 2020 with resume by email complete with qualifications to:

Pat Zult,

Manager of Finance and Administration
email to
Great Western Railway
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