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In celebration of Great Western Railway -SK 20 year anniversary, we would like to take the time to acknowledge the facilities along the line that helped make it all possible. April’s featuring Facility Of The Month “White Mud Trading Co Inc” located in Frontier, Saskatchewan. Serving local producers in the area for 20 years, WMT has also been a part of Great Western Rails success from the beginning!
In 2001, White Mud Trading Co. was formed by a group of 48 farmers/shareholders, who purchased the local elevator after prior ownership by the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool. Located in the community of Frontier SK, where it serves local farmers with its 6000 metric tonne storage capacity with export standard cleaning capabilities. WMT has a 30 car spot to offer larger volume shipments.
In February of 2003 we finished construction of a separate seed cleaning plant designed to produce seed quality product in cereal grains, pulses, and specialty crops. The new seed cleaning plant operates independently of our commercial elevator, which allows us to be registered as an approved conditioner – bulk storage facility under the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for pedigreed seed. We also meet the seed cleaning and handling standards for organic cereals, pulses, oil seeds, and grass seeds of OC/Pro Canada and U.S. NOP.
Our expansion in 2008 allowed WMT to better serve organic clients. This entailed the construction of 6, 110 tonne hopper bins along the railway to contain organic and specialty crops, exclusive of the main elevator. For more information visit, e-mail or call (306) 296-2006.

Our main purpose is to guarantee the future existence of our local elevator, to increase farmers' options & returns, and provide both employment and service to the community.
Great Western Railway is located in Southwest Saskatchewan and has been serving Saskatchewan business since its establishment in 2000. Locally owned, GWR owns and operates almost 400 miles of previous CP Rail track which includes the Shaunavon, Vanguard, Altawan and Notukeu Subdivisions, as well as our recently purchased Fife Lake Railway subdivision. GWR also operates and maintains another 72 miles of track along the Red Coat Road & Rail under an operating and maintenance agreement.

With over 40 siding locations, GWR services the most producer loading sites in Canada, as well as two crude oil transload and sand facilities for the energy sector. GWR interchanges with Canadian Pacific Railway via Assiniboia, Sk. Since its formation in 2000, GWR has been committed to supporting local communities, shippers, farmers, and industries of southern Saskatchewan.
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05/17/2019 - GWR purchases the Fife Lake Railway

On March 29, 2019, Great Western Railway acquired the Fife Lake Railway under a 100% share purchase agreement.

GWR has operated and maintained the FLR since its inception, under operating agreements and more recently, a lease of the rail line. Management and the board of the GWR has always seen the FLR as a very good fit for our organization and upon completion of successful negotiations over this past year, we are happy to announce that the transfer of full ownership to the GWR organization is now complete.

We look forward to continue to work close with the communities along the line, and we are excited to work on promoting the growth of railcar shipments in this area to better serve farmers and industries along the line.

The Fife Lake Railway is situated over more than 60 miles from a junction with the GWR line just west of Assiniboia south to Coronach, Sk.

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