In celebration of Great Western Railway-SK 20 year anniversary, we would like to take the time to acknowledge the facilities along the line that helped make it all possible! November’s featuring Facility Of The Month “Westland Agro Ltd” locations in both Gravelbourg & Lafleche, Saskatchewan. Serving Saskatchewan for more than 14 years, Westland Agro, has been a part of Great Western Rails success for many years.
Westland Agro Ltd. was established in 2007 by Richard and Jennifer Boire as a family owned and operated business for mustard cleaning and processing, located in Gravelbourg, SK. Expanding in 2014 to include a multi-purpose railcar loading facility and cleaning plant in 2017 at Lafleche, SK. A competitive market buyer of mustard, lentils, chickpeas and flax. Offering prompt payment terms, professional service, and experienced staff. Licensed and bonded by the Canadian Grain Commission and CGC-HACCP Certified. Purchasing, cleaning, bagging, bulk loading, containers and/or intermodals, as well as custom loading available upon request. Focusing on high quality product with attention to detail at every stage of processing. Contact them today at (306) 648-3273, email jennifer@westlandagro.ca or visit their website at www.westlandagro.ca for more details.
Great Western Railway is located in Southwest Saskatchewan and has been serving Saskatchewan business since its establishment in 2000. Locally owned, GWR owns and operates almost 400 miles of previous CP Rail track which includes the Shaunavon, Vanguard, Altawan and Notukeu Subdivisions, as well as our recently purchased Fife Lake Railway subdivision. GWR also operates and maintains another 72 miles of track along the Red Coat Road & Rail under an operating and maintenance agreement.

With over 40 siding locations, GWR services the most producer loading sites in Canada, as well as two crude oil transload and sand facilities for the energy sector. GWR interchanges with Canadian Pacific Railway via Assiniboia, Sk. Since its formation in 2000, GWR has been committed to supporting local communities, shippers, farmers, and industries of southern Saskatchewan.
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